CROCELL "The Wretched Eidola" NUEVO ÁLBUM (Cover + Tracklist)

Los death daneses CROCELL lanzarán el próximo 6 de Mayo vía Ultimhate Records, su segundo álbum titulado "The Wretched Eidola".

CROCELL "The Wretched Eidola" tracklist:
01. 06-07-09
02. I Know The Taste Of Your Tears
03. Chronos
04. The Age Of Iron And Rust
05. The Craven's Work
06. The Wretched Eidola
07. Thieves, Whores And Heretics
08. The Puritan Harlot
09. After The Take Of Winter
10. Voices Of The Deep
11. The Stranger

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