Christmas Metal Symphony

Se prepara la segunda parte de "Christmas Metal Symphony" y Simone Simons de EPICA confirma su colaboración.

Cantantes confirmados para el show "Christmas Metal Symphony":

* Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN)
* Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD)
* Joakim Brodén (SABATON)
* Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN)
* Mats Levén (ex-THERION)
* Simone Simons (EPICA)
* Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O. , ex-ACCEPT)

"Christmas Metal Symphony" setlist:
01. Blood Of Kingu (THERION) (feat. Mats Levén, Marcela Bovio)
02. Victim Of Changes (JUDAS P RIEST) (feat. Mats Levén)
03. Son Of The Staves Of Time (THERION) (feat. Mats Levén, Marcela Bovio)
04. Passion (STREAM OF PASSION) (feat. Marcela Bovio)
05. Out In The Real World (STREAM OF PASSION) (feat. Marcela Bovio)
06. Enter Sandman (METALLICA) (feat. Ian Parry)
07. Paranoid (BLACK SABBATH) (feat. Ian Parry)
08. Breaking The Law (JUDAS PRIEST) (feat. Doro Pesch, Ian Parry)
09. All We Are (DORO) (feat. Doro Pesch, Floor Jansen)
10. I Rule The Ruins (DORO) (fea t. Doro)
11. Souls Of Black (TESTAMENT) (feat. Chuck Billy)
12. Return To Serenity (TESTAMENT) (feat. Chuck Billy, Mats Levén)
13. More Than Meets The Eye (TESTAMENT) (feat. Chuck Billy, George Oosthoek)
14. Arise (SEPULTURA) (feat. George Oosthoek)
15. Mountains Of Madness (ORPHANAGE) (feat. George Oosthoek, Floor Jansen)
16. A New Level (PANTERA) (feat. Ge orge Oosthoek)
17. Cain (TIAMAT) (feat. Johan Edlund)
18. Brighter Than The Sun (TIAMAT) (feat. Johan Edlund, Marcela Bovio)
19. When The Smoke Is Going Down (SCORPIONS) (feat. Johan Edlund)
20. My Pledge Of Allegiance No. 1 (AFTER FOREVER) (feat. George Oosthoek, Floor Jansen)
21. Equally Destructive (AFTER FOREVE R) (feat. Floor Jansen)
22. The Evil That Man Do (IRON MAIDEN) (feat. Floor Jansen)
23. Intro Based on "The Odyssey" (SYMPHONY X) (orchestra only)
24. Evolution (The Grand Design) (SYMPHONY X) (feat. Russell Allen)
25. Paradise Lost (SYMPHONY X) (feat. Russell Allen)
26. Dawn Of A Million Souls (AYREON) (feat. Russell Allen)
27. Phantom Of The Opera (NIGHTWISH version) (feat. Russell Allen, Floor Jansen)

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